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Open House Time? Winning Methods for Family and Community Engagement

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With open house season upon us, we’re hearing from educators looking to innovate and improve their family and community engagement. If you’re among the many administrators who want to up your family engagement game this fall, we encourage you to check out these resources for inspiration and insight.

Free Professional Development Opportunity

Family Engagement Is the Secret Advantage to Improving Student Outcomes

Presented by Missy Martin, Title I Family Engagement Specialist, Lexington County School District One (SC) and April Hawkins, Former District Leader, Current Marketing Manager, ParentPowered

During this complimentary webinar, you’ll hear how Lexington County School District One (SC) has a key advantage when it comes to improving student outcomes. They’ve built strong partnerships and ongoing communication with their families.

Learn concrete ways to:

  • Welcome families as essential partners in the educational process
  • Engage family members in student learning
  • Communicate more effectively with diverse families using easy-to-implement, research-based strategies

Educators can earn CE credits. Learn more and register here.

Reads Worth Your Time

Parent Engagement Toolkit for Educators

Boston Public Schools

This family engagement analysis tool from Boston Public Schools offers clear ways to assess and improve your family engagement programs. The diagnostic tool on page 40 is especially useful because it offers a quick way to analyze and upgrade your current programs.

Access the toolkit

Family Engagement Core Competencies: A Body of Knowledge, Skills, and Dispositions for Family-Facing Professionals

By National Association for Family, School, and Community Engagement

ParentPowered’s team of educators is proud to be part of the National Association for Family, School, and Community Engagement (NAFSCE) community. This new guide offers standards aligned to different roles, which can be helpful in ensuring your family engagement program is designed as a shared responsibility across the district.

View the Core Competencies

Additional Resources

Culturally Responsive Family Engagement

This article from ParentPowered’s Heer Shaikh offers important insight into engaging families from diverse communities. Read on.

How Tennessee’s Early Literacy Champions Achieved the Extraordinary

Tennessee’s outstanding gains in early literacy have been all over the news lately. How did they do it?   Read on.

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