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Family Workshops

Bring your ParentPowered curriculum to life with ParentPowered Family Workshops!

With modeled moments, sing-alongs, interactive games and stories, parenting tips, and expert answers, ParentPowered takes the “work” out of workshops.

Ideal for hosting easy-to-implement, multigenerational, multimedia events.

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What makes ParentPowered Family Workshops different?


Workshops are an important part of your family engagement program. But creating a high quality, engaging event is a lot of work! That’s why we set out to make it easy for you and your team to give great workshops your families will love.

 The ParentPowered Family Workshop system:


  • Is easy to implement, flexible to suit your families’ needs, and simple to align to your curriculum goals
  • Engages the whole family with a multigenerational approach
  • Includes modeled moments, interactive games, songs, and stories
  • Reinforces your ParentPowered text message program

Through a one-of-a-kind set of tools for facilitators and families, ParentPowered takes the “work” out of workshops.

The workshop kit includes:

  • Eight step-by-step guides for workshop leaders on how to facilitate each workshop
  • Eight activity guides for families, including book lists
  • 75+ video clips for families, including modeled moments, Expert Answers, sing-alongs, interactive stories, and parenting tips
  • Eight 45-minute on-demand workshop videos

Based on rigorous research on how best to support families, the set of 10 workshops reinforce your evidence-based ParentPowered Curriculum.

  • Everyday Learning Moments
  • 1, 2, 3: Math is for ME!
  • Every Day, Every Way Literacy
  • Feelings and Friends
  • Kitchen Sink Science
  • Ready, Set, School!
  • Summer Super Skills
  • The Power of Play
  • I Can Do It!
  • Start with Stories

Take a Closer Look at ParentPowered Workshops

Facilitator Guides

Look inside a sample facilitator guide:


Family Activity Guides

Download a sample family activity guide:


Video Clip Library

Play, move, and learn along with a modeled moment clip.

On-Demand Workshop Videos

Watch a segment from the Feelings and Friends workshop.

"[My favorite thing about the messages is] The fact that they make math and reading look practical in the house"

"The literacy activities have helped my son's reading level skyrocket!"

"By giving fun tips, relaxing questions to ask to your child, and advice on rewarding our children, [ParentPowered helps in] a lot of ways."

ParentPowered gives everyone concrete strategies to help their children with both specific academic skills and social emotional skills. It also gives parents important developmental information about their children as well as encouragement for the tough job of parenting. It's actually one of the only things I have purchased, in my 35 years of work in education, that every time I get something, I say to myself "that is so good; I am so glad we use this!" I love what you are doing!

Dr. Christine Ivie
Heritage Academy

"Getting ideas to help them engage in conversation, understanding different objects and shapes the represent."

"They're always a good reminder to be intentional with my child when we do day-to-day activities."

"With the suggestions you suggest I use them right away & use them over & over. My daughter remembers repetition & she is progressing very well."

"It has increased her engagement with us and us with her, so that has been nice!"

"I have found ways for her to elaborate conversationally in ways I wouldn't normally have thought of."

"[ParentPowered] is the same as having a life coach.. .very well needed and appreciated."

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