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As educational researchers, practitioners, and parents committed to driving impact, increasing access is at the heart of everything we do.

Every ParentPowered program is carefully crafted to ensure that we are putting this commitment into action. From the curricula we offer, to how we deliver it, to our implementation strategies — access is our first priority in serving families and partners.

Access-First Process

Explore ParentPowered’s rigorous process for ensuring every program is highly accessible for all families.

Accessibility in Action

Turn complexity into simplicity

Every message we deliver is an opportunity to connect with a family member. To inspire them and activate a learning moment. And it’s an opportunity we’re careful to honor with a high quality, easy to use program.

Each ParentPowered curriculum begins with our team writing a complete, standards-aligned parenting curriculum. Then we begin the process of using research-based strategies to crystallize it into bite-sized steps that inspire action.

Steps we take include:

  • Building activities around the people, places, and things most likely to be found in every family’s life when creating our text messages.
  • Writing every message to a 3rd grade reading level, using a strengths-based approach to every message.
  • Investing in cultural alignment for each of our 10+ languages, with content versioned as appropriate to ensure activities resonate for every community.
  • Consulting with multiple experts, to ensure we’ve considered the real lived experience of the diverse families we serve.

Sequence carefully

We build new skills on top of known skills, ensuring that we’re setting families up for success with each activity we suggest.

We begin with foundational skills like following a child’s lead as they learn, engaging in language rich exchanges and reading routines, encouraging mathematical thinking and a positive sense of self. From there we help families support kids in building grade level standards.

Each week we orient families around a WHAT, a WHY, and a HOW. WHAT skill is their child developing. WHY it is important. HOW they can help build the skill at home.

Leverage parenting strengths

Each message is carefully written to give families an “I can do it!” feeling. We want every parent to feel inspired and totally capable of supporting their child’s learning with each message they receive. In everything we do, we leverage parents’ strengths and unique relationship with their child. Activities are baked into families’ everyday routines, and never require additional supplies, just the people, places and things in families’ lives.

In addition, we continuously seek out family input, in alignment with the Dual Capacity-Building Framework for Family-School Partnerships. Quarterly surveys, listening sessions, and interviews are important to ensuring we continue meeting families where they are.

    Make access easy for families…

    We know that content is only useful when it’s used. So in everything we create, we ask ourselves how we can make it easy for families to use it. Which is why we chose text message as our approach to reaching families. With more than 95% of American adults under 50 using text messaging, it’s the single easiest way to support families wherever they are.

    Because our messages live as a thread on their phones, text also allows families to quickly scroll through all of our messages to find the right one when they need it.

    And as we create additional services we’ve also taken an access-first approach. This includes:


      And easy for partners, too.

      We also look for opportunities to make it easy for every education provider to get ParentPowered programs into families’ hands.

      As a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) we have made a commitment to making a positive social impact. As a PBC, we have raised grant funds that allow us to provide ParentPowered programs to economically disadvantaged communities. To date, we’ve funded over $2 million in grants to bring accessible family engagement to tens of thousands of students across the country.

      Finally, we create multiple ways to enroll families, because research shows that getting families started can be the biggest barrier of all.

      Contact us for more details.

        Support Families in their Home Language

        ParentPowered programs are available in each of the following languages. ParentPowered works with professional translators and cultural experts to create the highest quality program in each language.

        ParentPowered Core Languages



        Middle School

        * Chinese: Our content is translated into Simplified Chinese.

        ParentPowered Trauma-Informed Languages

        Karen (S-gaw)



        Middle School

        *Dari and Pashto are available through 3rd grade.

        ParentPowered Personalized Learning Languages

        Supports ASQ-3 Screeners 2 - 60 months (age 0 - 5)

        Interested in supporting families in another language? Reach out to discuss your community’s needs.

        family engagement

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