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Free Family Engagement Program for Wisconsin Education Providers serving birth to 8th grade

Families are your greatest allies in the development and education of children. With the Wisconsin DCF sponsored ParentPowered program, your organization can deliver evidence-based support directly to families with no added work for your team and at NO COST.

Available in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, and Hmong, ParentPowered is the easiest, most effective way to support families. And the ParentPowered approach has been shown result in 2–3 months of additional learning growth over the course of a year.

Get Started with Low-Lift, High-Impact Family Support — at No Cost!

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Highly Accessible, Evidence Based, Hands Off — and Proven to Positively Impact Outcomes for Children

More than 95% of families use text messaging, which is why ParentPowered uses text to deliver information, tips, and strategies directly to families each week. Once you’ve enrolled your families (in one simple step), sit back and let ParentPowered do the rest.

Each message supports healthy child development with actionable insights, research-based activities, and learning extensions that are:

  • Fast and fun to do for kids and their grownups
  • Accessible to everyone — no extra materials required
  • Strengths based and easily integrated with existing family routines
  • Tailored to each child’s age, from birth to 8th grade
  • Available in multiple languages

Watch an Overview of the Wisconsin ParentPowered Family Engagement Program

Tune in to self-guided tour of ParentPowered. You’ll learn what low-lift, high-impact family support looks like and the impact of the program on family engagement and student learning.

Parents found Ready4K* texts helpful in engaging children in early math skill building.


Learned New Math Tips

Source: Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital study

Parents report that ParentPowered helps make learning a part of their daily lives.


Made Learning a Part of Every Day

Source: ParentPowered national longitudinal family survey

The Ready4K* approach outperformed other digital family engagement tools in a headtohead study.


Found Activities Easy To Do

Source: Minnesota early education study

* The Ready4K approach is the basis for all ParentPowered programs. Visit our Research page for more details.

Support Families & Healthy Child Development with ParentPowered

The Wisconsin Department of Children and Families covers the cost of ParentPowered evidence-based family support programs.

ParentPowered Core

Developed by educational researchers, ParentPowered Core is aligned to Wisconsin state learning standards and the Head Start Early Learning Framework.

Families receive three text messages per week that support whole child development. Explore the age-appropriate content:

Ages 0-3
  • Social Emotional Learning
  • Approaches to Learning
  • Language & Literacy
  • STEAM & Play
  • Physical Development
PK3 & PK4
  • Social Emotional Learning & Health
  • Language & Literacy
  • Math & Science
  • Technology and Engineering & the Arts
  • Play
  • Approaches to Parenting
  • Home & School Connections
Kindergarten-5th grade
  • Social Emotional Learning
  • English Language Arts
  • Math & Science
  • Approaches to Parenting
  • Home & School Connections
6th–8th grade
  • Social Emotional Learning & Health
  • Academic Supports
  • Home & School Partnerships
  • Approaches to Parenting

Available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Vietnamese, Hmong, Russian, Polish, and Burmese.

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Core - Social Emotional Learning

ParentPowered Trauma-Informed

Purposefully designed to support families impacted by trauma, ParentPowered Trauma-Informed provides tools and insights to help families buffer the effects of trauma and navigate challenge and adversity.

Just like ParentPowered Core, families will receive information and easy tips each week via text message to strengthen the Protective Factors — the five characteristics or strengths that can prevent or reverse the damaging effects of trauma.

The content has been vetted by mental health experts, community health workers, and families impacted by trauma to ensure activities:

  • Avoid potential triggers
  • Map to different lived experiences
  • Are doable even during challenging times

Available in English, Spanish, and Polish.

Core - Social Emotional Learning
Core - Social Emotional Learning

Local Resources Just for Wisconsin Families

Specially curated for Wisconsin families, the program also delivers a series of messages with local resources, including:

  • Parental support and self-care
  • Department of Children and Families resources
  • Childcare resources
  • Basic needs assistance
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Families Across Wisconsin Are Helping Their Children Learn and Grow with Support from ParentPowered

"Getting ideas to help them engage in conversation, understanding different objects and shapes the represent."

"They're always a good reminder to be intentional with my child when we do day-to-day activities."

"With the suggestions you suggest I use them right away & use them over & over. My daughter remembers repetition & she is progressing very well."

"It has increased her engagement with us and us with her, so that has been nice!"

"I have found ways for her to elaborate conversationally in ways I wouldn't normally have thought of."

"[ParentPowered] is the same as having a life coach.. .very well needed and appreciated."

"With working full time, picking up from daycare, there is precious little time in the evening to connect with the family beyond dinner, these ideas help 👍."

"I appreciate the thoughtful suggestions and recommendations as daily reminders to be proactive in my children's development."

"Nos van guiando a sacar provecho de cada cosa cada sonido todo lo enseñado aplica hasta para mi bebé que tiene 15 meses y se ven los resultados ([ParentPowered] guides us to take advantage of each thing, each sound. Everything they've taught applies even to my baby, who is 15 months old, and I can see the results.)"

"Que es muy importante la comunicación y también La forma de comunicarnos con los hijos pequeños para ayudarlos en su aprendizaje. ([I've learned] that communication is very important and also how to communicate with young children to help them in their learning.)"

"Loved the positivity and loved taking care of parents being part of the equation."

"I take these activities as quick tips, pointers, and a daily read. Every day I scroll through the text feed when I hear the notification bell I automatically want to exercise an endeavor for my children to perform. Especially when I get up in the morning I read the FACTS text and act out a task."

"I can see that [ParentPowered] has increased her knowledge of numbers and groups. It has also helped her vocabulary."

"They show the value in how normal, little actions and activities help in my children's growth and development."

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Each message is strengths-based, easy to understand, and gives families that “I can do it!” feeling. All while sparking a Wisconsin standards-aligned learning moment.

No wonder over 91% of families report increased confidence in their ability to support their child’s learning as a result of support from ParentPowered’s evidence-based programs.

Getting Started Is Simple.

And ParentPowered Keeps It That Way Year-Round.

The Wisconsin Department of Children and Families sponsored ParentPowered family engagement program is available at no cost to school districts, individual schools, childcare providers, and Head Start programs.

Start providing your families evidence-based support now.

Enroll families with one click.

Sit back and let ParentPowered do the rest!

In addition to the weekly text messages sent to families, your organization will receive:

  • Advanced data & analytics tools
  • Quarterly family engagement surveys, delivered by text
  • End-of-Year impact reports
  • Teacher supports, including newsletters

All of these features and more are available on the ParentPowered Dashboard. Check it out.

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