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Amplify Your Impact on Student Outcomes

ParentPowered Family Engagement Programs help districts, community organizations, and schools strengthen partnerships with families and caregivers birth–grade 12 to improve student engagement, attendance, academics, and mental health.

Partner with Families to Improve Learning & Healthy Development for All Children

With ParentPowered Family Engagement Programs you can effortlessly provide families tips, activities, encouragement, and resources each week that make learning part of every day. When you do, amazing things happen.

Improve student attendance and engagement

Boost academic outcomes and accelerate learning

Support mental health and wellbeing

Increase readiness for kindergarten, middle school, high school, and college and career
Ease the transition for newcomers

Build a positive school culture and climate

2 to 3 Months Additional Growth

First studied at Stanford in randomized control trials, the ParentPowered approach has been shown to increase student growth by 2 to 3 months over a school year.

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Expand Capacity With Transformative Family Engagement Programs

You and your team are busy. Families are busy. ParentPowered makes it simple for your organization to provide evidence-based support to families and simple for families to fit learning seamlessly into their everyday routines. 

We Make It Accessible.

ParentPowered delivers support directly to families’ phones in 10+  languages using text message. 95% of American adults under 50 use text messaging.

We Make It Do-Able for Families

Families receive strengths-based tips and simple activities that fit effortlessly into everyday moments, like washing the dishes and folding laundry.

We Make It Low Lift for Educators

Enroll families in one click then sit back while we deliver weekly support to families in their preferred language and tailored to their children’s ages.

Wake County Public Schools
Utah State BOE
Little Rock School District
Westside Community Schools in Nebraska
Governor's Early Literacy Foundation
Sequatchie Valley Head Start
Wisconsin Department of Children and Families
Montana Office of Public Instruction
Pampa ISD
National Association for Family, School, and Community Engagement
Skagit/Islands Head Start

Simple Activities That Have a Big Impact


"[My favorite thing about the messages is] The fact that they make math and reading look practical in the house"


"The literacy activities have helped my son's reading level skyrocket!"


"By giving fun tips, relaxing questions to ask to your child, and advice on rewarding our children, [ParentPowered helps in] a lot of ways."

Transforming Family Engagement in Education

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