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State Agencies

Flexibly deploy and rapidly scale any ParentPowered program to provide State standards-aligned, targeted support to families throughout your state.

Read about how Tennessee rapidly scaled to serve 200,000+ families below.

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Move the Needle on Student Outcomes

ParentPowered is the proven way to deliver standards-aligned, evidence-based family engagement curricula directly to families. Each week, parents and caregivers receive text messages with fun facts and easy tips on how to promote their children’s development by building on existing family routines – like pointing out letters on the shampoo bottle during bath time and naming their sounds or counting the number of steps as you walk to the car or bus.

Highly accessible ParentPowered is available in 10+ languages, with three one-of-a-kind programs: Core, Trauma-Informed, and developmental screening-driven Personalize Learning.

Collaborate to Meet Your State’s Goals

The ParentPowered team has partnered with multiple state agencies to ensure the curriculum we deliver meets your state’s goals. Whether you’re focused on kindergarten readiness, reading to learn, or supporting families impacted by trauma, our track record of driving state-level outcomes speaks for itself.

And with multiple implementation strategies, we know how to meet your impact goals.


Get Real-Time Data You Can Use

When you partner with ParentPowered, you gain access to insights and reports that make it even easier to support families:


  • Quarterly family engagement surveys delivered straight to your Dashboard
  • Send your own custom surveys to learn what matters to your community
  • Annual impact reports are presentation-ready
  • Click data shows which resources families find most useful
  • Track enrollment data, to see how many families you’re serving at any moment

What Parents Receiving ParentPowered Messages Say

"[My favorite thing about the messages is] The fact that they make math and reading look practical in the house"

"The literacy activities have helped my son's reading level skyrocket!"

"By giving fun tips, relaxing questions to ask to your child, and advice on rewarding our children, [ParentPowered helps in] a lot of ways."

"Getting ideas to help them engage in conversation, understanding different objects and shapes the represent."

"They're always a good reminder to be intentional with my child when we do day-to-day activities."

"With the suggestions you suggest I use them right away & use them over & over. My daughter remembers repetition & she is progressing very well."

"It has increased her engagement with us and us with her, so that has been nice!"

"I have found ways for her to elaborate conversationally in ways I wouldn't normally have thought of."

"[ParentPowered] is the same as having a life coach.. .very well needed and appreciated."

"With working full time, picking up from daycare, there is precious little time in the evening to connect with the family beyond dinner, these ideas help 👍."

How ParentPowered Works

Enroll the hardest-to-reach

The ParentPowered team gives you multiple ways to connect with families, ensuring that even the hardest-to-reach receive support.


Your families will begin receiving texts

Each week, parents receive texts with fun facts and tips on how to support their children’s development by building on daily routines.

Increase your impact

Support families all year long. You can also send custom messages, track click data, and survey families to learn what matters most to them.

Watch your families grow

Quarterly family engagement surveys and end of year impact reports show how your families are growing with ParentPowered.

ParentPowered Products

Flexibly deploy our Core, Trauma-Informed, and developmental screening-driven Personalized Learning programs to provide targeted support to families throughout your State.

ParentPowered Core

Standards aligned whole child parenting curriculum to spark everyday learning moments

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State Core Program


Aligned to the protective factors framework to give families an additional layer of support

Learn More

Social and Emotional Competency of Children

Personalized Learning

Curated curriculum based on a child’s Ages & Stages Questionnaires®, Third Edition (ASQ®-3) screener results

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Gross Motor

Wondering which solution is the best fit for your families?

What State Partners Say about ParentPowered

"We've all miscalculated how desperately families really wanted something like this."

James Pond
Governor's Early Literacy Foundation
Wyoming Department of Education

"The biggest surprise was how easy the process was."

Amy Reyes
Early Learning Specialist
Wyoming DOE
Montana Migrant Education Program

“What I love about it is that I can send out messages like ‘we’ve got a meeting at this time and place.’ And they all get it — Boom.”

Pat Lowthian
Project Manager
Montana Migrant Education Program

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