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Highly accessible, evidence-based family engagement — Available at No Cost to Wisconsin Educational Organizations

With the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families sponsored ParentPowered family engagement program, your organization can deliver evidence-based support directly to families with children birth through 12th grade with no added work for your team and at NO COST.

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Who We Serve

No matter where you are in the United States, you can give your families the Ready4K advantage! See how we support organizations just like yours.

Schools & Districts

Standards-aligned programs that activate families as PK-8th grade learning partners, meeting multiple ESSA and ESSER requirements.

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State Agencies

Flexible, standards-aligned family engagement that easily scales to reach your birth-to-8th grade learning goals.

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Head Starts

Head Start-aligned programs that elevate your family engagement strategy, including the one-of-a-kind Ready4K Trauma-Informed.

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Make it easy to give families and children the extra support they deserve — and amplify the impact of your family support programs.

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“Until we started using ParentPowered, I thought of family engagement as a face-to-face activity. But now I have a broader view of what we can do.”

Iris Estada

Coordinator for Early Childhood, Corpus Christi ISD

Rooted in Research. Proven in Practice.

Developed by educational researchers, practitioners, and parents, ParentPowered is a highly accessible, evidence-based family engagement solution that is carefully designed to drive impact at every step along the way.

It starts with our focus on access. More than 95% of families use text message, which makes it the perfect way to deliver evidence-based curricula to birth through 12th grade families each week in 10+ languages.

Next is ease of implementation. The ParentPowered Dashboard turns everything from enrollment to reporting into a one-click process. From research-based surveys to on-demand surveying tools and end-of-year impact reports, the dashboard will lighten your reporting load.

Through Family workshops, the ParentPowered family communication system, and additional educator supports we make it easy to increase your impact.

And with the strongest evidence base in the field, it’s clear to see why organizations across Wisconsin, and the country, choose Ready4K.

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Available at No Cost to Wisconsin Educational Organizations

The Wisconsin Department of Children and Families sponsored ParentPowered family support program is available at no cost to school districts, individual schools, childcare providers, and Head Start programs.

The curriculum is available in English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian, Burmese, and Hmong.

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What Parents Are Saying About ParentPowered

"Getting ideas to help them engage in conversation, understanding different objects and shapes the represent."

"They're always a good reminder to be intentional with my child when we do day-to-day activities."

"With the suggestions you suggest I use them right away & use them over & over. My daughter remembers repetition & she is progressing very well."

"It has increased her engagement with us and us with her, so that has been nice!"

"I have found ways for her to elaborate conversationally in ways I wouldn't normally have thought of."

"[ParentPowered] is the same as having a life coach.. .very well needed and appreciated."

"With working full time, picking up from daycare, there is precious little time in the evening to connect with the family beyond dinner, these ideas help 👍."

"I appreciate the thoughtful suggestions and recommendations as daily reminders to be proactive in my children's development."

"Nos van guiando a sacar provecho de cada cosa cada sonido todo lo enseñado aplica hasta para mi bebé que tiene 15 meses y se ven los resultados ([ParentPowered] guides us to take advantage of each thing, each sound. Everything they've taught applies even to my baby, who is 15 months old, and I can see the results.)"

"Que es muy importante la comunicación y también La forma de comunicarnos con los hijos pequeños para ayudarlos en su aprendizaje. ([I've learned] that communication is very important and also how to communicate with young children to help them in their learning.)"

Improve Outcomes with Evidence-Based ParentPowered Programs

2 to 3 Months Additional Growth

First studied at Stanford in randomized control trials, the ParentPowered approach has been shown to increase student growth by 2 to 3 months over a school year. 

Explore the research behind the ParentPowered approach, which meets the most rigorous ESSA and Head Start standards.

98% of Families Report Child Growth

Over 150,000 parent survey responses show that ParentPowered messages increased the confidence of 94% of parents; strengthened 97% of parent-child relationships; and 98% families say ParentPowered helped their child grow.

Check out our Impact page to see more survey results.

Accessible to All

ParentPowered programs are designed with an access-first approach. From writing the curriculum, to delivering it straight into parents’ pockets, to making it easy for partners to get families started — every element of our program is informed by our commitment to equity and access.

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Our Journey to ParentPowered Trauma-Informed

It began with a request from a small rural coastal town. They needed a new way to support families facing some of the biggest challenges. Their community was experiencing trauma at a higher rate than the surrounding towns.

What Partners Are Saying About ParentPowered

I think ParentPowered is the best approach to family and community engagement I have seen. I have worked at the state and federal level as well as in districts, and family engagement is very difficult to achieve in districts with high poverty, high at-risk populations or just in areas where people are very busy and not as able to go to the school for events.

ParentPowered gives everyone concrete strategies to help their children with both specific academic skills and social emotional skills. It also gives parents important developmental information about their children as well as encouragement for the tough job of parenting. It's actually one of the only things I have purchased, in my 35 years of work in education, that every time I get something, I say to myself "that is so good; I am so glad we use this!" I love what you are doing!

Dr. Christine Ivie
Heritage Academy

“We need to invest in things that parents don’t have to show up for, things that show up for parents in their homes.”

Angela Glore
Executive Director
First 5 Del Norte

"We've all miscalculated how desperately families really wanted something like this."

James Pond
Governor's Early Literacy Foundation

"Parents really appreciate that it is simple, doesn't require anything additional, and stays on their phone."

Lori Krzeszewski
WAKE Up and Read
Wyoming Department of Education

"The biggest surprise was how easy the process was."

Amy Reyes
Early Learning Specialist
Wyoming DOE
Archdiocese of New York

"ParentPowered is a great way to remind families that as a Catholic church, we're rooting for them."

Michael Coppotelli
Senior Associate Superintendent of Schools
Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of New York
San Francisco USD Logo

“The ParentPowered program is a resource for families that is practical and will actually help them advance their child’s development not only academically but also socially and emotionally.”

Meenoo Yashar
Chief, Early Education Department
San Francisco Unified School District
Montana Migrant Education Program

“What I love about it is that I can send out messages like ‘we’ve got a meeting at this time and place.’ And they all get it — Boom.”

Pat Lowthian
Project Manager
Montana Migrant Education Program
United Way of Coastal Bend

“It’s not something that you have to manage. I don’t have to worry about putting together the data. And I don’t have to formulate a report - I love that part.”

Sherry Peterson
Director of Success by 6
United Way of Coastal Bend
Kamehameha Schools Logo

"I think ParentPowered fills a need that no other program I've been able to find to date can fill."

Dr. Wai'ale'ale Sarsona
Vice President of the Hi‘ialo Group
Kamehameha Schools

Join These Wisconsin Schools and Education Advocates in Offering Ready4K!

We reach families across Wisconsin with fun facts, easy tips, reinforcement, encouragement, and pedagogically-scaffolded extension activities to help families support their children’s development by building on everyday learning opportunities.

Offer ParentPowered to your families at no cost through the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families. It’s low lift for your team (one-click enrollment and you’re done!) and high impact for families and kids.

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