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As summer approaches, educators have expressed concern about how to maintain learning beyond the school year, and set the stage for student success in 2023-24. With this in mind, we’ve curated resources to help schools and families work together to improve student outcomes through the summer and beyond. Among these articles is an excellent playbook for improving family-school collaboration, inspirational ideas for bringing STEM to all students, and uplifting examples of equity in education.

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Collaborating to Transform and Improve Education Systems

Collaborating to Transform and Improve Education Systems

By Rebecca Winthrop, Adam Barton, Mahsa Ershadi, and Lauren Ziegler

The latest guide from Brookings Institution gives insight into how families and schools can work together to improve education and increase student success. It explains why it’s important for families and schools to agree on what a good education looks like, and gives examples of ways to do this from different perspectives. We believe this playbook is an important resource because it offers practical tips and tools to help schools and families work together.

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Summer of Joy: Six Ideas to Imagine New Possibilities with STEM

By Linda Kekelis and Teresa Drew

Explore six ideas educators can use to bring STEM to all families this summer. Insights include ways to engage with families, add reading to a summer STEM program, and make every STEM program accessible and inclusive.

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How tapping into family engagement can boost student success in literacy, math learning

By Anna Merod, K-12 Dive

We all know that when parents are involved in education, it directly increases student success. This article offers a helpful summary of ways to harness family engagement to boost math and literacy skills. The practical tips for involving families come at an excellent time when school is winding down for the year and educators need innovative, low-lift ways to spark at-home learning.

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Set Your Families Up for Summer Success

Join ParentPowered’s family engagement experts for a live demonstration of ParentPowered, our digital family engagement curriculum delivered via text messages. Potential partners will have the opportunity to view sample messages, learn about the research behind the program, and ask any questions about startup and training. Claim your spot.

Resources, Case Studies, Stories and Research

Harnessing PFCE Data to Increase Family Engagement

Calling all Head Start programs! We’ve partnered with Parent Gauge to seamlessly leverage your family engagement assessment data to curate a ParentPowered program that delivers trauma-informed activities and parent-requested resources directly to your families.

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Five Uplifting Examples of Equity in Education

Get inspired by five examples of equity in education from the field, and discover how ParentPowered’s ParentPowered digital family engagement helps catalyze equitable learning through family engagement.

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“Our mission at District 87 is to inspire all students to learn and achieve to their highest potential. We know this isn’t possible without parent engagement and involvement…. with ParentPowered, we can involve our families and parents with student learning on a weekly basis. “

— Leslie Blockman, Aware Grant Coordinator, Bloomington School District 87

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