Webinar: Fight the Summer Slide - ParentPowered®

By the ParentPowered Team

This summer it’s essential to provide students with ongoing learning support. Fortunately, as an educational leader, you can empower at-home learning all summer long.

In this webinar, the ParentPowered curriculum team shares easy-to-implement strategies that help parents to turn everyday moments into teachable moments.

Watch the recording to learn:

  1. How to help families leverage teachable moments
  2. How to find the “One Thing” families can do
  3. 3 motivational strategies for activating learning
  4. How to inspire action by turning summer learning into an exciting adventure

The ideas we provide are based on direct interaction, are sensitive to resource and budget constraints, and never require internet access.

As a bonus, we’ve created a guide you can use to put these ideas into action!

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