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There’s great new insight out there on how family engagement impacts student outcomes and staff satisfaction – this is especially true for texting families. As we prepare for the summer, it’s a great time to make sure your family engagement plan is putting research into practice. So for this month’s news roundup, here are the reads we suggest for you.

Top Read

Texting: A simple path to building trust

By Hadley F. Bachman, Elise C. Allen, Eric M. Anderman, et al.

Want to make middle school teachers’ work more rewarding? A new study released March 28 by the Ohio Statewide Family Engagement Center shows that providing teachers with a text messaging curriculum is very helpful. Teachers reported that texting families positively impacted their role:

  1. Teachers felt more adept at engaging students with low motivation levels
  2. It was easier for teachers to help students value education
  3. Teachers felt more confident in assisting parents so that parents, in turn, are able to discuss learning strategies and educational goals with their middle schoolers
  4. Finally, teachers felt increased trust in parents!

Reads Worth Your Time

texting families to reduce chronic absenteeism
Want to Tackle Chronic Absenteeism? Try Texting Parents

By Alyson Klein, EdWeek

This EdWeek article shares research-based evidence that texting can have a huge impact on reducing chronic absenteeism. In fact, a randomized study found a 12-18% reduction in chronic absenteeism among students whose families received texts, compared with similar families who did not.

Read the article

texting families to improve student literacy
Texting parents helps improve student literacy. But how much is too much?

By Jeremy Smith, Fordham Institute

This article dives into the science behind sending text messages to families. Research clearly shows that messaging caregivers can directly increase student literacy skills. But, texting them too much can actually have a negative impact.

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Resources, Case Studies, Stories and Research

inspiring family engagement
Beyond Good Intentions:
Lessons Learned for Inspiring Family Engagement

Access has always been a barrier for family engagement.  If you’re reaching a family in a language they can’t read, or with content they don’t have time to digest, you’re not really reaching them at all. Check out these tips for ensuring access.

resource to text families to help parents read to kids
Let’s Read!

Here’s a resource you can text to families to boost reading! It’s formatted to be read on the phone so that parents can access it from anywhere. These easy-to-do activities are great for children with a range of literacy skills.

Download in Spanish or English.

Partner Highlight

“We realized one click, we’re done! It feels empowering and it says we value every parent. We see them and we value them.”

— Superintendent Shenean Lindsay, New York City Department of Education

“This is not something that you have to manage. I don’t have to worry about putting together the data. And I don’t have to formulate a report – I love that part.”
Sherry Peterson, Director of Success by 6. United Way of Coastal Bend

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