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Research on Social-Emotional Skills: Impactful Insights for the New School Year

social-emotional skills

Students rely on social-emotional skills to build relationships with their teachers and peers, make healthy decisions, and navigate social interactions.  With the right support, students learn empathy, build relationship skills, and increase their social competence. We’ve heard from educators and families that social-emotional learning is a big focus for the 22-23 school year. And so, we’ve curated articles to inspire you and offer insight as you prepare for the year to come. 

Top Read

Fatherhood Programs Can Support Fathers’ Healthy Relationships With Children and Coparents

Lisa Kim, Elizabeth Karberg

This article is a must-read on the impact of positive relationships with male-identified caregivers. At ParentPowered, most of the families we serve are made up of multiple caregivers. These supportive relationships are parents, older siblings, grandparents, other relatives, and sometimes family friends. In early childhood education, elementary school, middle school and beyond, when schools support male caregivers, the outcome is increased academic achievement and deeper home-school connections. 

Reads Worth Your Time

It’s Time to Soften Schools, Not Harden Them

Isabelle Hau, Opinion Piece in EdSurge

At a time when school security measures are increasing across the country, this article offers a solution that doesn’t require more metal detectors or school safety officers. The author suggests that schools increase their focus on building both student and educators’ social-emotional skills. This includes maintaining a positive approach to life, navigating difficult situations with tact, and strengthening core skills including emotion regulation. 

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Classmates wouldn’t sign his yearbook. So older students stepped in.

By Syndey Page

Everyday examples of the positive impact of social-emotional skill building can help make these skills tangible for families. This story is a heartwarming story you can share of the power of building strong SEL skills that make a difference in student’s lives. This is a must-read that offers a daily life example of how positive social behavior can have a huge impact on a child’s emotional life. 

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CTE Opportunity: Improving Middle School Outcomes

As you look ahead to supporting student success in the coming school year, join this edWebinar to learn what makes family engagement unique in middle school along with strategies to improve accessibility and involvement.

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Family Resources

A New Path to Student Mental Health

Are you looking for ways to help boost kids’ social-emotional skills while school is still out? We can help! Here are some tips that make it easier support the well-being of children and their caregivers through the summer. Read on.

Trauma Informed: Everyone Needs Protectors

We’ve heard from educators and families alike that buffering trauma becomes more difficult when students are away from school. This article can serve as a resource to help maximize consistent relationships and boost children’s social-emotional skills.  Read on.

Partner Highlight

Offering equitable learning environments is a passion for James Pond, President of the Tennessee Governor’s Early Literacy Fund (GELF). We are proud to work with GELF to advance literacy for children across Tennessee.

Creating a level playing field with activities that are easy for parents and grandparents can move the literacy journey forward for children.”

— James Pond, President of Governor’s Early Literacy Foundation (GELF)

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