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Research on Family Engagement: Powerful Strategies to Offer Family Resources

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Family-school partnerships are key to school improvement. Luckily, there are a ton of resources out there to help engage families. We’ve curated a few articles and research pieces that we hope will help you harness the power of family engagement in the coming school year.

Top Read

Strengthening Partnerships: A Framework for Prenatal through Young Adulthood Family Engagement

Massachusetts Family Engagement Coalition

This family engagement framework highlights the benefits of parental engagement. In it, researchers show that engaging families can improve academic achievement. And, they surface how parental involvement improves children’s physical and mental health. They also show how family engagement benefits school staff. For example, families can help educators learn new ways to build safe, welcoming schools.

The best part? The authors offer concrete ways for schools and organizations to increase family engagement capacity – without increasing the number of staff.

Reads Worth Your Time

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Unlocking the “How”: Designing Family Engagement Strategies that Lead to School Success

Dr. Eyal Bergman, Learning Heroes.

Are you ready for some concrete ways to build trusting relationships with families? Here’s a great article from Learning Heroes. In it, you’ll find ways to increase parental involvement, support student mental health, and boost academic achievement. And, you’ll discover some great ways to offer much-needed family resources.

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Summer of Love for STEM: Seven Fun and Family-friendly Ideas for a Summer of STEM

Co-authored by Linda Kekelis and Teresa Drew

Families hold the key to STEM learning this summer! This fun piece offers a ton of family resources that are easy and practical. You’ll even find a few mental health tips, which can go a long way in boosting learning. 

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Family Resources

Summertime Story Sparks

Give caregivers and kids a family resource we all need: something to talk about. These story prompts get rave reviews from parents and teachers alike. They spark imagination and build literacy skills! Read on.

Transition Time Tips for Kids of All Ages

We’ve heard from educators and families alike that the transition to summer is a big leap. This article can serve as a family resource to help. In it, you’ll find low-lift ways to boost mental health during transitions and make it easier for everyone.  Read on.

Partner Highlight

First Five Del Norte led a Human Centered Design process to determine how to best support local families with education in a county facing high levels of poverty and food insecurity. The team began with a deep dive into their early childhood programs and services. Using the HCD approach, they interviewed families, educators, and childcare providers. Based on these interviews, they restructured family engagement as a critical component of their early childhood education programming. Read about their journey here, or watch the webinar at this link.

We need to invest in things that parents don’t have to show up for, things that show up for parents in their homes.”

— Angela Glore, Executive Director, First 5 Del Norte

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